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tisdag 16 augusti 2011

The cuffs - Get out of my way 7'' (1996)

01. I hate school
02. We beat the Berlin wall
03. Broken box
04. Cook got arrested
05. Fighting in the streets
06. Worth waiting for

Selfreleased by the band on KUF21 Records in 1996.

The bands first and the one that was hardest to find (cant remember now but think i bought it from a US collector). Also probably their most punkish one.
Only one song is longer than 1:40 and to be honest the majority of the songs are bullshit teen rebellion songs like Cook got arrested and I hate school. There are a couple of nice songs like the melodic Fighting in the streets and the short but sweet Worth waiting for.
After this release the band would cut of their mohawks and get a little more advanced sound.
A nice piece of punkhistory though.

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  1. Damn, I've been keeping an eye out for this one for a long time! Hope it's at least worth a listen. Thanks, B.