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lördag 5 februari 2011

90 proof & Templars - Split 7'' (1996)

01. Stick to your guns
02. Another one
90 Proof
01. You Vs Me
02. Family

Released by 90 Proof Records in 1996.

90 Proof and Templars doing a split it's quite hard for it to go wrong.
Templars (yeah i am doing their discography soon get of my back) deliver one of my favorite tracks called Stick to your guns about the "vigilante" called Bernhard Goetz that got convicted of murder and assault after pulling his gun in selfdefence when he was jumped by a couple of muggers. The song is well thought-through both musicaly and lyricaly and even if i might not have all the facts to choose sides i cant help myself to singalong to lyrics like "The courts found Goetz guilty as charged/And on that day i lost respect for the laws/So if you're attacked aim for their heads/Cause they cant sue you if the're fucking dead".
The subject in Another one is a bit lighter and as much as i like drinkingsongs i never really understood this song. Is it about homebrewing and libertarianism perhaps? Anyway a good song.

This would be 90 Proof's last release cause later in 1996 the marines called on Jeff to be sent to Korea for duty.

You Vs Me is the patriotsong of the patriotsongs with one hell of a good rhythm and angry lyrics to go with it simply stating that the groups screaming for a change are to lazy to change things themselfs and if they dont like the country they can get the fuck out.

One of the most complete splits from the 90's.

2 kommentarer:

  1. New York, New York. Goetz was from NYC.

  2. Haha what the hell i knew that. I need to stop eating crack for breakfast.