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torsdag 3 februari 2011

Empire falls - RAC forever (2007)

01. Forever
02. No breaking a sweat pissing you off
03. Grensboro, NC
04. Choose your side
05. Scapegoat
06. No compromise, zero tolerance
07. Why has hardcore gone gay?
08. Time heals nothing
09. Anti-social (Skrewdriver cover)
10. Long road
11. Where the wild things are
12. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
13. Lightning war
14. Warlord

Released by Defiant records in 2007.

Oh my, another collection of old songs. When it was released it said it contained "rare recordings" but i dont see nothing rare with these tracks. They might be rare if you never have heard the band before but almost all songs have been released before and the differance in the songs are so small it's hard to notice that they are "rare" at all. Contains good songs and all but they have all been featured on old records so yeah, it's another bullshit release by Defiant records. and gets a bullshit rating to go with it.

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