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torsdag 24 februari 2011

Skinhead youth - Live at CBGB's (1984)

01. Intro
02. Their reality
03. Dance hard or die
04. It's your choice
05. Skinhead youth
06. Open your eyes
07. Fuck your attitude
08. Wake up
09. Bashing
10. Dance hard or die II
11. Skinhead youth II
12. Stand as one

Some liverecordings from their premiere show at CBGB's. For all those who believed in the fake official video for Sounds of revolution that was cut together and released after Raybeez died will probably think Ray was a communist and a hippy unity sort of guy but they should also listen to these early songs and understand that Ray was Ray and was verry hard to place on any political scale (no matter how much both sides always wants to do that). Bottom line is if you dont listen to extreme music you shouldnt listen to this since it contains lyrics about killing commies and beating up homosexuals. With my loathing against the producer of that video using clips of the hipsters from the hardhat riots in the video out of the way i can now proceed with writing about the songs.

The quality on these songs are actually better then the once on their Tommy Rat demo from the same year. One song that stands above the rest is Dance hard or die and i can guess that this was the point in the show where the pit had the largest movement. A hard and fast song that reminds me about early Bad brains.
Another song worth checking out is the track Wake up that has some extreme lyrics but i cant take it any more serious then i can take Gang greens Kill a commie song. It's taken out of its time and i am sure some nazi nuttjob still thinks the band is a facist one cause of this song.
Bashing was a song that they dedicated to Cro-mags and it's about something as intellectually challenging as beating up homosexuals just for the sake of them licking carpet or packing fudge. Plain ignorance and in my eyes as ignorant as racism. I am not trying to go all PC on you for a change just telling it how it is for all of you that act PC but at the same time listen to Warzone like there was no tommorow (are you folks seing the grey area yet?).

Nice to hear early recordings of this quality. This is really as basic and raw as it gets (the band didnt even have their own drums but borrowed them from Death before dishonor).
Yet again its to old and raw for me to actually give it a deserving grade.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great that WARZONE are finally becoming a part of your blog, and it's more than justified, just think of them being a part also of the legendary "THE U.S. OF Oi!" compilation!!! I'm really looking forward for more WARZONE posts to come and to see you finally doing an introduction and the discog of the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE!!! Keep it going!!! Oi!

  2. Hehe you noticed that comp comming along. Just YDL and Greviance committee left then its time for the comp. (Got ahold of the Lick the boot 12'' atlast)

  3. That sounds great!!!GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE, whoa, nearly totally forgotten about them... Respect!!! Sounds great, can't wait to read about them!!! Btw, sounds also damn good that you'll featuring the YDL finally, I'm pretty curious what you'll write about them and expect everything but that PC stuff about them;-)!!! A kickin' & stompin' weekend!!!