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onsdag 2 februari 2011

Empire falls & Antagonizers - RnR served straight up (2007)

Empire falls
01. Time heals nothing
02. Scapegoat
03. Money talks (AC/DC cover)
04. Drama queen
05. Ambition
06. I got stripes (Johnny Cash cover)
07. No breaking a sweat pissing you off
08. I'ts gonna work itself out (Rose Tattoo cover)
09. Second chance
10. Carry no banners (Cut throat cover)
11. Going nowhere
12. Messed up world
13. No turning back
14. Stronger than before
15. Us and them

Released by Street Anthem Records in 2007.

The first split by Empire falls with any real connection to the American Oi! scene. Released by the serious Street Anthem that most oftenly releases softer (but good Oi!) and charing it with Antagonizers.

Antagonizers from North Carolina is Bohdan Zachary's latest project together with Tony Lea on bass, Jason French and Allen Norris on guitars and Joseph Lawler on drums. Bohdan might not be the most famous name in US punk but he was one of the original members of the legendary band Vibram 94, founder of the the not so good but charming band Cut Throat and also the mastermind behind Club Running Riot in Cleveland (basicly ran it through his garage).

Empire falls side is not that great at all and they do as they always do wich is re-recording old songs and delivering simple versions of other bands songs that all are better in their original form. They got one good new song though in the track Scapegoat. A good punkrock track with their usual subject about being outcast's and crucified.

Antagonizers side is the best one even if i always thought the band is a bit uneven sounding like pure garbage on some tracks and absolutely awesome on other songs. Stronger than before (no not a Brutal attack cover) and Us and them are both catchy and great tracks with a lot of thought put into them. Another good track is the re-recording of the old Cut throat song Carry no banners that Empire falls could learn a lot from the lyrics.
A split cd that gives you split emotions but in the end it's worth a buy for the song Us and them alone.
This reord is available through these stores:
Dim Records

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  1. Also good friends of mine. But I never liked Bohdans voice and still don't, it doesn't sound strong enough, just my opinion. Sorry Bo, haha!