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torsdag 3 februari 2011

Empire falls - I dont care 7'' (2008)

01. I dont care
02. Out for blood
03. Tight rope
04. Jailbait (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Rebel Records in 2008.

Finaly some new material after way to many "greatest hits" albums. This one released on Rebel Records and i dont know if thats another label by the band but i hope its not. A kickass cover and two really good songs.
I dont care is a slow but hard song about social welfare and Bryan shows his point of view on the subject with lyrics like "All of lifes lessons, you'll never learn/Until your methlab exploded and your flesh began to burn/Burned of your hands, your face and your hair/I just lauch at you behind your bars cause i dont fucking care". If this would have been the lyrics comming from a workingmans band i would have backed it up all the way but if the rumours spread by gossipers on this site is true and Bryan gets his records financed by his rich parents i think he needs to take a realitycheck.

This will be my last upload by the band for a while now (24 posts in a row haha damn) and i have recieved some mails telling me to not give the band any room on the site but the fact is they have made some really good songs and whatever beef we have with Bryan (cause we all seem to have one) should not get in the way of paying tribute to one of the bands that are longrunners in the scene.

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  1. That was a pretty awesome and epic empire falls discog you've done there!

  2. Pretty cool that you support White Power bands and music (thats sarcasm you piece of shit)

  3. If you dont like it then dont come back.
    I dont make any money from making this site so i dont need you as a visitor (or anyone else by the way).
    Love it or leave it you fuckfaces