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fredag 4 februari 2011

Brazen rogues - Shamelessly bold scoundrels (2003)

01. Travisty
02. Rody McCorly
03. Getting old sucks
04. I hate you
05. Chocolate milk
06 Volitile
07. Patriot
08. March of the boot boys
09. Crazy
10. Me and a baseball hat
11. Circle pit
12. In rage

I loved this bands release from 2004 and gave it a heatofthemoment 9 out of 10 and listening to it again it might not be worth a 9 but it's a great album with many songs you shouldnt miss. This on the other hand is far from that release and even if it contains a lot of the tracks i liked from their later release the quality is utter garbage and it's even hard to hear that its the same band. Seems they released this album heard their iwn creation and released their true release a year later (probably why this one was so hard to get ahold of).
I can hear that the band has the same sense of humor as they had on their later album and songs like I hate you hits the spot even if they sound like shit but the album lacks the quality of their later works like In the gutter and Who's god.
Some reader sent me this like a year back but i have no memory of whom it might have been but thanks for the record anyway.
You can still buy it for 10$ at this place.

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