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tisdag 1 februari 2011

Various artists - Caustic times...World of hate (A tribute to Empire falls) (2007)

01. 25 Ta life - The underdogs (USA)
02. Creepout - Making hardcore a threat (Japan)
03. So fucking what? - War is inevitable (Germany)
04. Lider one - Enemy in our midst (Argentina)
05. Lider one - Night fall (Argentina)
06. Lider one - Where the wild things are (Argentina)
07. Forward area - Kudzu alley (USA)
08. Forward area - The tables will turn in the end (USA)
09. N.C. punchout - Our time (USA)
10. The right way - Etched in stone (USA)
11. The right way - Take a stab at society (USA)
12. The right way - Fall of the empire (USA)
13. Benjy Johnson - Ruins of Camelot (USA)
14. Simple assault - Tone deaf (USA)
15. Simple assault - Social schism (USA)
16. Mob mentality 86 - Enemy in our midst (USA)
17. Mob mentality 86 - Caught red handed (USA)
18. Mob mentality 86 - Beat down (USA)
19. White trash country - War is inevitable (Germany)

Released by Notfortheweak Records in 2007.

Eh ok. Why the fuck did i buy this record for? Must have been drunk while ordering or something. First off all i hate pure hardcore and second i hate covers where the bands dont do nothing creative with the original songs. This record is sort of a mix off those two.
Not only is it a really ugly record both esteticaly (spelling?) and musically but when i searched the bands i found out that the band called Forward area is a nazi band (not talking about no nationalist rightwinged punks but they actually dress themselfs in svastikas and all).

To be honest it's actually more sad then bad since the only band participating with any fame to speak of is 25 Ta life the rest are unknown bands that seems to have nothing to do with the band they tribute. Only light spot on the record some band named White trash country that takes War is inevitable and makes a laid back countrysong with it. It might not be a great song and their english is really bad (wa i inevit a bill) but atleast they try.

This album is like that limp, smelly and dirty streetdog that you tell your kid to stop kicking and instead you call the authority's so they can put it out of it's missary for good.

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