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lördag 5 februari 2011

Skin disorder - Rough cuts 7'' (2003)

01. Soldier
02. Vendetta
03. Darkside
04. Freedom fighter

Released by Bords De Seine in 2003.

(Update 8 December 2011: More information on various lineups of the band can be found in the comment section thanks to Milo and anonymous)

Hardhitting and militant Oi! from the backstreets of Brooklyn NY with close connections to both Oxblood and Fed Up! (also featured a member from Fed Up! at one point...stop me if i'm wrong). The band was started by Rene on drums, Dave on vocals, Avi on bass and David Bellevue on guitar. The band stuck together like they started (with one exception being Jesse replacing Dave on vocals in 2004) until 2006 when they went their seperate ways. They managed to release 2 EP's and appear on a couple of compilation albums. The tragic event of Kevin's death in 2010 made the group reunite for the benefit show but after that it has all been quiet so i dont think a new record is comming anytime soon.

The band hit me like a brick the first time i heard them with aggro lyrics and a fastpaced sound that reminded me a lot about Oxblood in a way. All songs on the EP are violent as hell but still dont become childish or sound ubermacho like the lyrics from bands like Fear City.
Even if i like the sound better with the new singer this is one hell of a release.
The record can be bought through:
Bandworm Records
Ghetto rock

3 kommentarer:

  1. Dave Gerrard was in Oxblood and played guitar. He doesn't always get the proper credit for that. He didn't really like singing so they got Jesse from Criminal Intent to sing in his place and he stuck to just playing guitar. Avi was also in a band called Prowlers (later Prowlers SS) with Chris from The Templars. Dave G. also plays with Fed Up sometimes on guitar as well. NYC bands are semi incestuous.

  2. Incestuous indeed! Skin Disorder was formed with a different bass player, a guy name Jerry (he played on the demo). He was was replaced by Taj (from First Strike and Vibram 94), who was listed on the demo but didn't actually play on it. He played some shows with them and then was replaced by Avi.

    The NYC bands were tight, so you see a lot of the same people in a number of bands.

    - Dave G. was in a band called Red Tape, was
    in Oxblood for a while (including thier trip
    to Germany)and Fed Up;
    - Mac (from Oxblood) played drums in First
    - Phil Templar played in Oxblood, First
    Strike, Vibram 94, and Battle Cry;
    - Carl Templar played guitar on the Vibram 94
    - Dave R. (Skin Disorder's origianl guitarist)
    was in Red Tape, and Fed Up;
    - Jesse was the singer for a band called
    Criminal Intent before he joined Skin

    And there's more! It's hard to keep up with who's in what band!

  3. Thanks for the info both of you.