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tisdag 8 februari 2011

Trouble bound - Here to the end (2005)

01. 32 main
02. No control
03. Homeboys
04. Junkyard visionary
05. It dont matter
06. Kick down
07. Hand-me-downs
08. Squares beware
09. Here to the end
10. Rolling with the punches
11. Solitary confinement
12. Trouble bound blues
13. Bruises on the skull
14. Work whorse
15. Trouble with me
16. String breaker

Released by Hangmen Records in 2005.

A great streetpunk band from New york that has been around since 1999 but only released this record (can't blaim a working mans band for having to pay their bills instead of recording new songs). The band was started by the frontman and vocalist/guitarist Johnny No-Keys that brought along his friend Kenny on drums, these are the 2 members that have been in the band from start to now as far as i know. Dan Szeli played bass for this record but has been replaced by Steve Morton in todays lineup. Johnny also added a nsecond guitarist in 2010 by the name of Drew Paulik.

I bought this record solely on the track i heard by them on the Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.2 called Trouble bound blues that had a nice rockin feeling to it. Getting it in my mailbox i was a bit uncertain after noticing songnames like Homeboys and the pictures of the bandmembers that looked a bit to crusty for my taste (my taste in young punkboys haha that came of wrong). It didnt take more than the bass-line on their second song to convince me of my prejudice.

They sound a bit like Armed suspects but also a bit of Social distortion mixed into it. The fact that the band names Rancid as one of their biggest influences is something i will turn a blind eye to.

What i like most about the record is that both their sound and themes varies a lot doing more political songs like Junkyard visionary (with some handclaps for you emopunks that are into that stuff, not naming any names.. Jay) to doing straight up rock'n'roll rebel-songs like Squares beware. My own personal favourite is the song Work whorse that also has some awesome bass in it (Dan Szeli fuck yeah!).

The band reformed in 2010 with the new lineup i mentioned earlier so be on the lookout for more.
This record can be bought here:
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5 kommentarer:

  1. Ha ha ha...emopunks. Hey, some well placed handclaps can really make a song! We need more handclaps and LESS piano in punk rock!!! :P

  2. hahaha... I think we need BOTH handclaps AND piano! A glockenspiel never hurts, either.

  3. Maybe we should realice that we are mainly into punk for the toughguy appearance it brings. We all know that the Sound of music LP is on top off all our lists ;)

  4. could this be uploaded again? thanks man

  5. Hey, Trouble Bound did release a new album (2013) called "Unfinished Business." They also appeared in an independent film called "Misery Loves Company" playing two songs ("It Don't Matter" and "Here to the End") and released a music video for "It Don't Matter". All pretty kick ass! Look'em up on youtube.