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fredag 18 februari 2011

The Screwballz - Demo (2008)

01. Turn the screwz
02. East coast skins
03. Spoiled generation

(Update 02 mars 2011: Len from the band corrected and added some stuff so check the comments section for more info on the band)
A band that consists of members from various NYHC bands that emerged around 2007 and had songs featured on 2 compilartion albums (Attack of the baldies & Operation United forces) but dissappeared as quickly as they emerged on the scene. No known releases by the band so this is it as far as i know.

The sound is straight NYHC but with other lyrics and a bit of a slower tempo to suit the skinhead masses. It's actually a really good sound and on the track Spoiled generation they break out of any generic HC sound and deliver a song that is so true, sadly enough.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Really great band. shame they didnt release anything else. They got a few mre tracs on their myspace

  2. Or not. Well they used to

  3. Oi! Cheers for the great review. The core of the band was actually from the DC area, with only our bassist being from NY. Here's some history on the band if you're interested...

    The Screwballz started out as more of a solo project of mine in 2005 or 2006. I recorded 4 songs with a drum machine and me handling everything else. One of those songs can be heard on the Operation: United Forces comp (a benefit for troops overseas).

    I wanted to take things a bit further, so I got a few close friends together to play a show or two, but scheduling conflicts and long distances ultimately killed that idea.

    Then in 2008, a few months after these songs were recorded, the drummer and I finally pieced together a working lineup and we played our only show in Wilmington, Delaware, along with Hard Response, Razorblade Handgrenade, Eastwind and The Cutters.

    We basically killed the band after that show. I was moving away to Texas and since we were never a serious (working) band to begin with, we felt like it was a good time to end it.

    I'm actually back in the DC area, and the drummer and I are planning on recording a full length when we get some time. It'll consist of all our old songs, a few new ones, and some covers to boot. Not sure when that will happen, but you'll be the first to know when it's done.

    And for the record, let me just give a shout out to Rob and Kenny and Kyle for helping me take this thing to the stage, Rose and Craig Holloway for the exposure, Sick of Society and Last Offense Records for the encouragement and friendship... and to blogs like this for spreading true underground bands to the masses. Cheers!

    The Screwballz

  4. Thanks for the corrections Len. Would be fun to see an actuall album in the future. If that happends just send me an e-mail so i can promote it on the site.