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söndag 10 juli 2011

Venganza tatuada - Werewolves of the night DEMO (2011)

01. Skinhead
02. Street soldier
03. Venganza tatuada
04. Werewolves of the night

(Update 21 July: Rich is not a member but a friend of the band.)

A new Oi!/RAC band with members from New Jersey and New York with close ties to the band Combate 49 and just like that group they belong to the Batallon 49 crew and and also Tercera Fuerza (a crew that eats babies and stabbs old ladies if you believe everything AFA writes on their site). All members hide their face on the bandphotos but i could atleast depict Rich the singer from First strike as one of the members (though he is not on vocals in this band).

Unlike their brotherband Combate 49 they have a somewhat more polished and professional sound and my guess is these guys have a lot more experience just like Rich.

As much as i have a hard time comming to terms with this whole gangculture punk with gangsigns and weapons being displayed in bandphotos i quite like this band. Especially the brutal track Werewolves of the night that really reminds me about how First strike sounded on their full-length.
As far as the lyrics go i cant really comment since more than 50% of it is in spanish but from what i understand they are violent as hell and dont really like people on the leftwing.
A damn good band that i look forward to hearing more of (or Rich could focus on releasing a new First strike album).

6 kommentarer:

  1. The first track is a cover of the old french band "Légion 88".

  2. they do not belong to Tercera Fuerza in any way shape or form -- that was a lie formed by the nyc ara chapter

  3. Skönt med nån som visar upp den icke rasorienterade rocken mot kommunism. De flesta tror man är galen när man är brun och nationalist i dagens sverge.

  4. They get protested and have their gigs shut down all the time because of supposed links to nazi groups, I wouldn't doubt it. They have SS Deathheads on their website. wetback nazis..... pretty stupid.

  5. Good guys if your on their good side. These cats have been around since the 90's (part of the Oxblood crew).

  6. Antifa's favorite band. I heard Menci is gonna make a guest appearance on their new album