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tisdag 19 juli 2011

The Federalists - Collection of songs (2005-2008)

01. Right now!
02. The birth of the nation
03. Drug war
04. Homeland insecurity
05. Hey grunt!
06. Politics today
07. 29! Lets go!
08. I wanna smoke
09. Come and take them...
10. Don't call me comrade
11. I thought this was the USA
12. A call to arms

Thanks to Travis Condor from American Defence for sending me the songs i was missing by this band.

If the Marlboro man would have made political songs to support Ron Paul in his 2008 campaign this is probably what it would have sounded like.
A couple of "good ol' boys" from Baltimore that dissapeared as quickly as they appeared on the scene (where did you lock them up Obama???). To my knowledge this band never did any shows and they never released a single record. They formed in 2005 recorded a few songs during their 3 year lifespan and then dissapeared.
I have no idea who the members where and the first time i heard about them was when some Russian guy sent me 5 songs in 2007 (sorry for not remembering who you are).

Anyway as you probably can decypher from the band name and the songtitles this is a band as red, white and blue as they get with the constitution and patriotic codes of conduct as their guidelines.
They wanna smoke wherever they fucking feel like it, they wont give away their guns to anyone and they sure as hell dont trust the gouvernment/new world order and their taskforces.

Their sound is heavily influenced by both Templars and the solostuff that Ian Stuart did and it's not hard to draw lines to the music that Carl Klang does.

As good as i think this is i actually liked them better when i only had 5 songs with them. Their sound is a bit generic and most songs sound the same. Best songs are Homeland insecurity (where the Ian influences become quite clear), the counter revolutionary track Dont call me comrade and the superb bluesy rocksong I thought this was the USA.

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  1. the song 'hey grunt' also reminds a bit of LA's youth brigade.. awesome stuff, thanks for sharing