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söndag 11 april 2010

FOX 11 news report on skinheads from the west coast

This is like a feast for the eyes. An actuall indept and mature report on the American skinheadscene (not). Bands appearing in this clip is The revolt, The authority and Toughskins and also some interview footage with Spider and Reaper from skinheadcrew The family. There is a fight between two skincrews Hooligans and Carson skins.

So what fact and knowledge can we sum upp after seing this indept report? We learn about the tribal movements of the skins as the slamdance arm in arm, dive into the pit and bop their shaven heads to the music (hehe). We also learn that skinheads attack people with long hair if they make contact with them (wtf!?). Even if skinheads fight they often end it with a special greeting called the "skinhead embrace". Everywhere there is a moshpit there is a hardcore skinhead causing trouble and where there is trouble you can most often see a skinhead nearby (that often leads to some straight edge band crying out about it in interviews later).

Take me to your skinhead leader haha.

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