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tisdag 20 november 2012

The boilers - Wreck CDEP (?)

01. Jimmy The Gun
02. Wreck of ol '97
03. Pardon me
04. Strike
05. Bullet Bill

Selfreleased by the band.

Unknown band from Seattle that would later turn into more known Shot4Shot. Dont have any information on the band more than the fact that i know this was their only release.

With a bandname that sounds like some halfassed third division hockeyteam, Irish influences and a CD theme of union struggles this band wants me to hate them but thanks to the singers ability to hold his own and the fact that the sound is dipped in the perfect mixture of rock'n'roll it made an impact far from negative.

The first song is probably the best one with it's rhytmic tale about some guy named Jimmy who was a streetfighting one man army. This is the same old "Irish dockworker canr hold his booze and probably end up 6 feet under way to early" story we have all heard before butas a song its damn good.

The rest of the album continues in the same bluecollar rock'n'roll tradition as the first song and overall i enjoyed it which says a lot since im not really down with these sort of Hudson Falcon clones otherwise. Good skinhead r'n'r lets just leave it at that.

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