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torsdag 29 november 2012

New recordlinks

Uploaded a couple more from the list of requests and got well confuced by the new system Rapidshare has adopted. Dont have a clue what i am doing with these new features but hope the links work as they should.

Total annihilation - The glorious five year plan (2005)
The cuffs - The bottoms up LP (1998)
VA - American headaches vol.1 LP (1991)
Those Unknown - And They Give Us The Scraps CD (2003)
Headwound - The early years CD (2000)
The burnt - Charlie brown 7'' (1988)
The burnt & Deathrage - Split 6'' (1993)

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  1. Hey man, THX for putting the TA album back up, and at least this link works pretty well and like it should. Cheers!!!