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lördag 24 november 2012

Elite terror - Flame of pride LP (1990)

Provocative and quite political band that shared members with both The Uprise and New Glory. As The uprise might have been a non-political but right-winged band and New glory was proud nationalists this band went a step further and promoted their racialist beliefs both in lyrics and interviews.
This Philadelphia band started out in 1987 under the name United Noise with Steve Spagnola on vocals, Garret Kress and Gavin Perry on guitars, Doug Prusso on bass and Dan Walton on drums. In 1989 the band had some changes in their lineup bootin their bassist and replacing Dan on drums with former The Uprise member Rob Daly. With this change in lineup and a new bandname came a record deal with German label Rock-O-Rama that released a 7'' and this LP in 1990. Soon after this the band dispursed going their seperate ways.
01. Elite terror
02. Flame of pride
03. Working class men
04. Justice is dead
05. Communist expansion
06. Fall of this nation
07. Final solution
08. New day rising
09. Instrumental outro

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1990.

Just like Arresting officers this is a band that is really easy to like if one can overlook some of the more political themed songs. As much as i like the RAC and is no more than a fencewalking scumbag in most "real skins" eyes i can honestly say that there isnt much hate to be found on this release by a band calling themselfs Elite Terror. The racialism that can be found here is the same old "race & nation" themed lyrics that can be found on early Brutal attack records that i know the majority of all 30+ skins hide under their pillow. Even though it might cause a diversion i can still hear hip hop bands talking about black pride and latin punk & rock bands talking about the pride of aztec's etc so i cant really see the harm it will do anyone.

Musically it doesnt stray far from New glory's sound but with a bit more of a r'n'r twist in it. Since i'm not a racialist i find the more non-political songs like Justice is dead and Working class men being more to my liking with their today quite cliché lyrics about being on the dole and being harrassed by police.

It's not the greatest album and far from a classic but if you like in your face anthems with nationalstic messages or skinheads fighting with dragons in the streets this is for you.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Bernando!!!
    Is your above posted e-mail still the right one? I'm currently ''cleaning up'' some stuff and found some bands and so that could be interesting for you, at least for making this list up here complete, and hopefully also some other stuff you can rely to, so I think that some day this week you will receive a mail with some music from me, latest at the weekend. Just have to finally sit down and turn it all into some data stuff, then it will go out to you.
    Btw, I think this band is in no way to compare with New Glory, just ordinary racist old men RAC Rock music... I know how disappointed I was when I bought this one because of the New Glory alliance and then nothing so unique like New Glory came to my ears... but maybe I should give it another try, free of all former expectations...?!?
    Cheers man!!!

    1. Yeah thats the email. My hotmail has atendency to sort 50% of all incomming email into my trashfolder so if i dont answer me then please remind me since i probably got it in the trash.
      Yeah new glory is way better but this one still has some values and Working Class Men is one hell of a song. Speaking of Working class men i noticed something new while reviewing it. I had always thought that the song was free from "brownshirt tendencies" but took a look at the lyrics and found out that what i always thought was "half of the money goes to the sub" was actually "half of the money goes to the ZOG". Fun thing with that is i played that track at a party packed with PC-folks and they even sang along "half of the money goes to the sub" haha, fun stuff.

  2. Yeahr, okay, I'll leave a comment here when I've send the mail to you. I think at this weekend or so, maybe earlier, depends on how soon I get it done to sit my lazy ass down and do the stuff, haha ;-) ...!!!
    Haha, the story is good. :D Had experienced pretty much the same with the ARRESTING OFFICERS song "WORKING CLASS PATRIOT" some years ago, when some guys with AFA buttons and RASH patches used to go nuts on it at a concert when I played it loud in my car while some friends of mine and I used to stand outside and drank some brew, and the guys understood ''right working class patriot'' and ''right'' in the sense of ''real''. Was pretty funny, after I told them what was going on they were pretty shocked and disgusted and from then on the fingerpointing started: "Fucking Nazis at our concert!!!" and so on, haha!!! ;-) Poor jokes!!! That the guys with the RASH patches had everything but anyhow short cropped hair should be clear... Stupid fucks!!! But funny anyway, haha!!! :-)