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lördag 22 februari 2014

Empire Falls - From Sheep To Wolves CD (2011)

01. From sheep to wolves
02. This is defiance
03. Fight dirty

04. Truth is our weapon
05. Your grave is my freedom
06. For stable ground
07. War is inevitable
08. Absorbed
09. As one
10. The underdogs
11. Defiant til the end
12. The quick and the dead
13. Fleeing the enlightenment
14. Sign of the times
15. Traitor town USA
16. Rebirth
17. Foreign policy
18. The way of the world

Released by One People One Struggle in 2011.

Another year another 20 something greatest hits albums from Empire Falls disguised as new records. The old songs ARE great and some of the new ones are ok i guess but since i've heard these fucking songs on every new album for the last 10 years it's getting annoying. I know "stop buying the records" and as a matter of fact i have stopped buying EF records, but folks from around the world keep sending them to me even before they have reached the stores so yes in a way these old songs ARE being thrown at me from all directions. Sometime listening to the later EF records makes me feel how a pornstar in a blowbang must feel when 20 guys keep shoving their cocks in her nostrils and earholes. Fucking enough already, put that dick in your pants and wait your fucking turn Empire Falls! You guys are turning into The Eagles of the udnerground and to believe i once was a collector.

With that out of the way, hey i notice one of the guys from Antiseen is playing bass on this record (as if i even have the strength to deal with these fucking albums any more)
Old livefootage of The Underdogs (back when the song was new and interesting)

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