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fredag 28 februari 2014

Cunt Sparrer - Live in Oakland (2011)

01. Sound check
02. Where are they now (Cock Sparrer Cover)
03. Runnin riot (Cock Sparrer Cover)
04. Take 'em all (Cock Sparrer Cover)
05. Some kinda hate (Misfits Cover)
06. A.U. (Cock Sparrer Cover)
07. Working (Cock Sparrer Cover)
08. We're comming back (Cock Sparrer Cover)
09. A New England (Billy Bragg Cover)
10. Riot squad (Cock Sparrer Cover)
11. Because you're young (Cock Sparrer Cover)
12. Oakland belongs to me (Cock Sparrer Cover)

First of all thanks to Brian Guy for sending me this record.

This is the band that makes tradfags and Oi! purists piss their pants in anger. How does a bunch of cute hipsterchicks DARE to start an acoustic band making Oi!-covers. Well i for one welcomed it with open arms back when i first heard it but sadly enough the band doesnt exist any more. The band never released any material and with the exception of a song on the Cashing in on christmas compilation and a bunch of youtube videos this is the only audio you will hear from them. Today the girls have started a streetpunk band called Bad Cop/Bad Cop and moved on from the angry internetskinheads with Jenny Woo posters in their bedrooms sending hatemails. Good on them and all the best of luck.

Sadly enough this livematerial is just like all other livematerial, namely weaker than actual recordings and most of the time Sara's singing is a bit to pitched and the drums are a bit off the beat but the girls have one hell of an attitude and charm me in an instance as soon as i hear their version of A.U. As i listen to that song it strikes me why i love this band so much. The girls are actually doing exactly what they want free from subcultural laws and they are having a hell of a time while their doing it. The fact that they dont do the whole skinbyrd thing with boots and braces makes me respect them even more since they're not trying to fit in or collect punkpoints they simply love the music. Something that SHOULD matter more than buying expencive clothing and looking like you're hiding sausages in your jeans.

Because you're young

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