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onsdag 5 februari 2014

This means WAR

WAR Records is in the process of releasing Crucial Change's latest LP entitled So It Begins. Those familiar with the band wont be dissapointed. Planned to be released by the end of this month.
American Heart

Also to be released by the end of February is the debut LP of the Jersey based Combate 49. Along with the re-issues of First Stike's old records this label is sure looking better and better each day that passes.

Since no promo of the album exists i post a Skinhead MMA video that has a song by C49 around 8:30 (and one of the members fighting towards the end)

8 kommentarer:

  1. YES!!! Crucial Change are finally back!!! Great!!! It's their newest one since their "33" masterpiece, right, or did I missed something- in this case very- important?!? Can't wait for it!!! Hopefully at least "Dim Rec." will sell it over here, would make a lot easier... :-)
    Btw, what happened to the guys, are looking more sort of HC now (judging by the bandpicture above), and not so much Oi!/Skinhead anymore?!? Not that this would be anyhow important, just wondering a bit about it... :D Also btw, isn't "WAR Rec:" not also the label that releases Offensive Weapon as well?!? If so, then it surely is one of the damn better ones today.
    Ah, and about the debut of Combate 49 I'm also already quite a bit curious. Finally two new U.S. Oi! albums will, so it seems now, make it in the near future into my collection, cool. :-)
    Two last things Bernando:
    (1.) I've became too busy over the last half year outside the virtual world, so that I'm anything but that often online in a "valuable way" and so I really felt the need to say that you are doing an ongoing great job with all of your blogs, and even if I still love this very one here the most especially your "VHS-Ploitation" gave me a lot of good rounds of "LOL!" moments in the lately. So keep it going!!! (As well as I'm trying to get finally back on track in the future with my own blog again...)
    (2.) Have you already listened to the new Total Annihilation split?!? They are finally back!!! Fuck yes!!!
    Best Greetings from Germany.
    Cheers /// (Manslaughter) Andy

    1. Yeah. Can't say i'm a fan of the coverart since sporting baseball bats or brass knuckles on bandphotos often shows the person in question has something to prove. Hell maybe they where on their way from a baseball match what do i know haha.

      War DID release (or at least re-release) OW's first LP and also the superb Werewolves of the city compilation in 2012 (well worth your money).

      I am also quite busy these days and only post when i really really feel like it so i don't feel forced to and get tired of it. This site and VHS are lifelong projects so it's bound to have some ups and downs in the freqency of the posts. On another note, yes i have the TH split but sadly enough i havnt found the time to give it a proper listen yet. I was surprised to see the bands doing a split since i dont really think they play for the same "people".

  2. Really looking forward to the Crucial Change album! Thanks for posting the song. I have both of their albums so far and probably listen to them at least once a week! I can only expect the new album to sound better than '33', and '33' is great! Hope to see them play here on the east coast someday. Definitely one of the best American Oi! bands around today.

    1. From what i've heard it's the same sound as on 33. Looking forward to it as well

  3. I don't know for sure as I did not ask Tyler personally, but I think the new CC album cover is a tribute to US hardcore band G.C.F. Their album Straight Outta Hardcore is basically the same idea. Here's a picture if you haven't seen it before:


  4. Hey this is Tyler from CC. Glad to hear everyone is excited for the new release! I think you will be very pleased Manslaughter Andy and yes we are still skins, but not asr eligious with the dress as we once were haha.
    As for the cover, it is simply a tribute to NWA who have been one of our favorite groups since we were kids. Hell, they were more punk /skin in thir attitude than most Oi! bands today. Nothing serious was meant with the baseball bat, just for fun. Eazy-E has a gun in the original shot, and since we don't own any, a bat was the next closest thing haha.
    Hope you guys enjoy the LP and be on the lookout for our upcoming splits.

    1. Didnt know that. Guess i'm not as down with the youngsters as i thought i was. Need to step my rapgame up. Anyways psyched for the release and hope to see it released on Swedish soil as well.

  5. that NWA album came out in august 1988, and while it is one of the best and most influential records in the genre, I have a big problem with people today being comfortable saying things like "they were more punk /skin in thir attitude than most Oi! bands today."

    I'll keep my ranting to a minimum on the subject but the value system expressed by NWA is hardly in line with the honor and pride in ones moral code that the skinhead way of life is based upon. Gangster rap in general is misogynist, supportive of drug dealing and cowardly murder using firearms in drive by shootings. Skinhead these days is safer than it has ever been, so I see why it feels less risky to incorporate the values/ imagery of other movements such as "gangsta", though I doubt seriously that in 1988/89 a comparison to the ethics of NWA and that of skinheads would've been well received. I'm not talking about white power or the plight of African Americans in south central LA in the late 80's and I do not affiliate myself with political causes, so social/racial politics aside, the core value system of the two movements are NOT cohesive.

    Just the way I feel about it.

    Timmy Jak