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lördag 1 februari 2014

45 Adapters & Stomper 98 - Split 7'' (2011)

01. Stomper 98 - Antisocial
02. Stomper 98 - ISP One Crew-One Family
03. 45 Adapters - What's right?
04. 45 Adapters - Nothing to prove

Released by Randale Records in 2011.

Never been a huge fan of Phil's German sideproject Stomper 98. To be honest i feel sick most times i have to sit through a record of the subgenre that is "German saxophone punk" wether it be Stomper 98 or Stage Bottles (at least their debut album was good). Only thing worse in my ears is the new Dutch/German metal-Oi! but i wont go on about that right here.

The record starts of with "tze germanz" and to my surprise both songs they deliver are actually quite good, especially their ISP anthem. Sure it has saxophone and might be a bit stolen on some edges but it does the job right.

45 adapters always deliver and always make me smile a bit. Few skinhead bands can sound so happy and positive without sounding weak. Best song on the split is Nothing to prove. A song that should speak to most grown men and women wether it might be about not mowing that lawn cause the neighbors did it yesterday or simply walking away from drama. Living for one self basically, killer song.
Can still be bought at:
Black Hole Records
Pirates Press

45 Adapters - Nothing to prove (Live 2010)

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