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söndag 9 februari 2014

Noi!se & The Gestalts - Split 7'' (2011)

01. Noi!se - The comming storm
02. Noi!se - Reality T.V.
03. The Gestalts - Reckless cheat
04. The gestalts - Borderline

Released by Oi! The Boat in 2011.

Noi!se is a band i guess most are familiar with these days unless you are new to the scene or have been living under a rock for the past 4 years. The gestalts is a whole new matter though and as out of place as they might look in "skinhead associations" its nice to see a brand new band get a shot at some underground fame.

The gestalts is a 5-piece band out of Indiana playing "clean punk" with some skinhead rock'n'roll vibes thrown into the mix ending up somewhere inbetween The Broadsiders, The Truents and Tommy and the terrors. It's nothing to go apeshit about but at the same time they do their thing without trying to be something they're not. Good solid band which got their debut through this split and ended up releasing their own little 7'' called "Bloodshot eyes" last year through Randale Records.

The split starts of with what i consider the best song, namely Comming storm by Noi!se. The song has that perfect mix of two vocalists who actually know what they're doing and when put together it's just absolute killer. The gestalts side is a bit weaker though this might be because i'm not really a huge fan of their sound. Their song Borderline is nice though and a good introduction to a band i will be looking more into (got their 7'' but havnt given it a proper listen yet).
Can still be bought at:
Oi! The Boat

EP teaser

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