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fredag 28 mars 2014

Almighty Lumberjacks Of Death - Always out of control but never out of beer 7'' (1989)

01. Almighty lumberjacks of death
02. Devil girl
03. Drink beer
04. Motor City trick or treat
05. Voices of the dead

Released by Force Majeure Records in 1989.

Classic band with a classic record that was included in the ALoD's discography album from 2005. This is the proper vinyl rip though and with full coverscans some of you out there might be interested in it.

Won't go in on the album itself since i already reviewed the discog-cd. Devil girl is still the best track and all of that.
Click Almighty Lumberjacks of death for review of disco-album and one of the most nerdy bandintroductions ever

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jesus, I remember when I first bought this on cassette a million years ago. Not a half bad band.


    Brian Guy

    1. Yeah i think it was first released on cassette but sold out so they printed it on vinyl. I also think it got re-issued on cassette in the 90's. Seems their whole release history is quite blurry today but luckily they fixed that with the discography cd later on.