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måndag 31 mars 2014

Noi!se - This is who we are LP (2011)

01. Living for today
02. Brothers in arms
03. Warrior down
04. Take 'em all (Cock sparrer cover)
05. This is who we are
06. On the outside
07. What happened to the kids?

Released by Longshot in 2011.

First of all i dont know what crack i was smoking when i took the photos yesterday. Out of focus and no lightning but i just cant find the strength to do it all over again since i took pictures of about 20 albums all in all. Expect horrendous coverarts to come in the future.

Excellent 10'' release by the band. Starts of strong with the youthful Living for today and even if the rest of the A-side is below good they look good when compared to the cover of Cock sparrer (seems they really lacked inspiration when they decided to make this song). Anyways the b-side more than makes up for it.

This is who we are, On the outside and What happened to the kids are in my eyes all modern classics and to throw them on a B-side is wierd when they kick the shit out of tracks 2to4. Guess most songs on B where a bit old at this time but still deserved the A-spot if one asks me.
Good and solid streetpunk with a heap of slingalong anthems. One of those records that i probably wont ever stick in the back of the crate and well worth your cash as well.
Can still be bought at:
This is who we are (live)

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