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lördag 29 mars 2014

Court Street - Demo (2012)

01. Dance with the devil
02. Scrappers 'til we die

Court st scrappers have recently changed name into Court Street and are releasing a record solely sold through Bandcamp. This means all money straight into their own pockets just how punk should be. If this band sells 1 record they have instantly made more money than any band that "sells" it through Longshot and some other shady labels has since they get 0 money for every sold copy of any records but instead get "the promotion" that they could get for free if they sent it out for free to zines and  sites. No sucker deals and no need to censur anything so someone else can make money on your music. It has my support thats for sure.

Like their old release this is skinhead hardcore a genre i am far from comfortable with but have come enjoy more and more the last year. I think my main problem with the genre was that the majority of the bands where making this instead of pure Oi! but now when most trendy bands play Mods-influenced Oi! i can relax and quench my loathing.

Both songs are fast and rely quite heavily on good guitarparts that wont let you down. On top of that they both use audio from Batman (1989) which any kid of the 80's-90's can enjoy in the old "hey i know this" kind of way. Personal favourite is Dance with the devil which sort of reminds me about the hoodie hardboy stuff that came out of NYC in the 90's. Good and hard somethingcore that even i can enjoy.
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