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lördag 26 november 2011

Straight laced - All laced up CD + more (2004-2006)

01. Street bussines
02. Violence on the streets
03. Punch drunk
04. Code of conduct
05. Pride & freedom
06. In the city
07. Working class kids
08. Power & glory
09. The alleys
10. Ideals
11. New hair do
12. Fuck you!
13. Baba o'Riley (The who cover)
14. All the day and all the night (The kinks cover)
15. My generation (The who cover)
16. Paint it black (Rolling stones cover)
17. Tuff guys (Cock Sparrer cover)
18. Violence in our minds (The last resort cover)

I think this is the complete collection of what the band recorded. The upload contains their All laced up CD (was never released though) and also their EP of covers.

(Update April 7 2012: Since Megaupload went dark and brought this album with them i have now uploaded it again.)

The band came from Kentucky and consisted of Shadwick Wilde on guitar and vocals, Graham Goff also he on vocals and guitar (but he played drums on liveshows) and Adam Buntain on bass and backup vocals. Unlike most other band looking into the US hardcore scene this band looked overseas at what wetn on in UK during the 70-80's. The band was featured on some comps and was well liked by most but never got a serious shot at releasing their songs.
The band is currently not active.

When someone is talking about being stuck in the 80's this is the band that plays in the background. If you would have just heard the songs there would be no chance in hell that you would pinpoint them into a garage in Kentucky in 2005. They sound like a mixture of early Cock Sparrer or Cockney Rejects mixed with Rolling stones and Skrewdriver. Some might slag them of as trying to be British but in my oppinion it is more of a great tribute to the old scene.

The band borrows more than most bands do though... so much to the point of me actually refusing to believe that Violence on the streets and New hair do are their songs. It's like a timemachine back to the glorydays of soft-Oi! in UK when Oi!bands where climbing the charts against all odds.
Even if every single song has parts stolen from old songs it's done so good that i dont even care. Even most songtitles are stolen and the albumcover is a straight steal/flirt with Skrewdriver.

The fact that they also pay tribute to early rocklegends like The who and The kinks just makes me like them more.

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  1. damn wma files.....the bane of my existence


  2. WMA? Never had any problems with them since they run smouthly in windows media player. Try VLC they can play anything. Jay where are you ;)

  3. MP3...


  4. Jay you are a saint sir, thank you,...I'm beginning to like my mac less and less


  5. These guys put on a great show! They were young for all the talent they had, and the top of line equipment and gear.

  6. Any chance of re-upping this?

    1. Added to the list. Maybe tomorrow

  7. my old band, wish i still had these tracks myself