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söndag 13 november 2011

Pistol grip - Another round CD (2003)

01. Sweet & sour of a knife
02. Empty shells
03. The unwanted
04. Black heart
05. 1997
06. A murder of crows
07. Marshburn Ave.
08. Gypsy
09. Broken radio
10. From the arches to the end
11. Damned of tomorrow
12. Another face to hate
13. The rebels are dead

Released by Better Youth Organization Records in 2003.

If their first album was a good showcase of what can be great in streetpunk this is probably the showcase of the exact opposite.

It all sounds way to produced and on most songs it feels as if the singer doesnt really fitt in with the instruments playing. Probably recorded completly separately and it gives the whole album a wierd feeling. It's also way to happy for being punk and somehow it feels as if they went to much for radioplay when they recorded it.

All is not bad though. There is some great guitarplay on most songs and a couple of the songs rise above and are more than listenable. I like the song The unwanted for it's great chorus and the song Another face to hate is simply just a great song.
The record can still be bought at Interpunk (and reading the reviews of the album there i start to question the state of punkmusic).

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