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lördag 19 november 2011

Jack the lad & Les partisans - Clockwork anthems Vol.2 LP (1996)

01. Jack the lad - I believe
02. Jack the lad - Wardreams
03. Jack the lad - Shot em up
04. Jack the lad - Never forget
05. Jack the lad - Lovers lane
06. Jack the lad - Burning cities
07. Jack the lad - Jack the lad
08. Jack the lad - Business man
09. Jack the lad - Let down
10. Les partisans - L'an 2000
11. Les partisans - Génération inutile
12. Les partisans - Sous la pluie, Rude Boys
13. Les partisans - Nouvelles frontières
14. Les partisans - 1000 couleurs
15. Les partisans - Réalité
16. Les partisans - Les jeunes dragons
17. Les partisans - Télésurveillance
18. Les partisans - Partisans

Released by Mad Butcher Records in 1996.

Thanks to Hans-Olivier for the great ripping of the record. You saved 40 minutes of my time since i only had to photo the cover.

When i reviewed volume one i questioned what they where thinking with the coverart. Just guess how happy i was to see the exact same coverart being used again for volume two. Not only did the personel over at Mad Butcher posses extremly bad taste but they where also a bunch of lazy fucks.

Another issue i had with volume one was the lack of any exclusive songs by the band. Since i have a bit of a hate/hate/hate relationship with Les partisans i cant speak for those songs but the Lads songs are basicly their 2 EP's + one new song.

Jack the lad is one of those bands you just cant disslike. their music dont really stand out but they always had a good quality on the stuff they released. Plus having Mark Magee (Condemned 84 and Anti-heros) on guitar just cant go wrong.
Their only new song called I believe is superb with an anti-government patriotic message. Their songs about the raceriots (Burning cities) and staying true to the scene (Let down) are as good as i remember them and saves an otherwise doomed album.

Les partisans are just plain bad if you ask me. They could have been good and by god do they try. They end up failing big time on most songs though when they skip and jump like a kindergarden schoolband everytime they go from verse to chorus. Two of their songs are decent but the rest of them i turned of after a minute in. Just not my kind of music.

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  3. I got the same message as Brian several times yesterday, but it worked fine for me just now. I thought it was just me.

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  6. Any chance of still getting a copy of this? The link no longer works....

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