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torsdag 17 november 2011

Pistol grip - Machines of string theory in C#M DIGICD (2007)

01. Rabid dogs
02. Night will fall
03. Hallucination hallway
04. Doran
05. Reeperbahn
06. No romance
07. Smoke
08. 7647060
09. Ordinary world
10. Somebody kill me
11. Cuervo night resurrection
12. Even the wicked
13. Decade pt.I
14. Decade pt.II

Released as a digital download by the band on their myspace page in 2007. The label was titled the same as their selfreleased EP, namely Lotus Limited. The band later added the album to I-tunes and Amazon's digital market in 2009.

After two quite bad albums the band stoped dreaming about MTV fame and delivered a genious album if you ask me. Many people claim it sounds like their first album but i beg to differ. If their first album was a good showcase of how streetpunk actually can sound when made right this is more an album showcasing what a bastard child from Tiger army, Joy division and Badlands could sound like if it lived in Stockholm and listened to Dim's rebellion.

As those who have listened to my posts at Down underground know i have a quite large and broadminded musical taste (as well as political) so Pistol grips broad influences on this album are welcomed with open arms.

The band still delivers great streetpunk anthems like they did on their first album and the best one here is the song Rabid dogs (piano!!!!). But the strength of this album lays in the exact same place where they failed misserable on their Another round CD, namely the slow and acoustic songs. They deliver 2 super campfirey songs (Smoke and Ordinary world) and goes completely mad on the song Reeperbahn where they use handclaps, piano and it has a great lounge feeling to it.

My personal favourite and probably their biggest step in a new direction is the new wave street experiment Hallucination hallway that reminds me a bit about early 80's new wave/postpunk bands from Australia and England.

When the band calls their minister and borrows the local church choir on the last song i start to question where these great ideas where hiding during the last two albums.

I know this is an Oi! site dedicated to Oi! and the only connection this band has to the scene is a few gig's, a split and the fact that some of the members used to be skinheads but even with that in mind this one gets the full score. Gotta atleast give the record a chance!
Since it only got a digital release this upload is basicly the real release but if you like it as much as i do then go in to I-tunes or Amazon and send them the few bucks it costs to support them.

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