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tisdag 15 november 2011

Pistol grip - Tear it all down CD (2004)

01. When the ink runs dry
02. ...for i have sinned
03. Never be another
04. Give in
05. Rusted lining
06. Dog in Prague
07. The network
08. Stained and destructed
09. Can't keep us silent
10. Word of mouth
11. Closing time
12. Lead the way

Released by Better Youth Organization Records in 2004.

Just like their record from 2003 it's only worth picking up for a few songs that rise above. The majority of the songs on the record are so bad that it doesnt take more than the first verse before you'll turn it off (Rusted lining, Word of mouth). The band doesnt even manage to deliver a slow acoustic song on Closing time. I am often a sucker for this sort of songs but their singer cant really deliver whathe probably wants to.

Some good songs can be found even though. Both For i have sinned and Stained and destructed works fine in a steetpunk/punkrock way.
The record can still be bought at Interpunk.

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