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måndag 28 november 2011

V/A - This is our culture (2011)

01. Bleach battalion - Hatred
02. Bleach battalion - Loyalty
03. Ressiduo - Cabeza Rapada (Colombia)
04. Ressiduo - Nuestra Tierra (Colombia)
05. Youngblood - Fist City (After Hours Version)
06. Armada Oi! - Orgullo Skinhead (Peru)
07. Armada Oi! - Anos De Dolor (Peru)
08. Spirit of The Patriot - Fuck It
09. Combate 49 - Flagburner
10. Combate 49 - Somos Patriotas
11. Sangre X Sangre - Mato comunistas por diversion (?)
12. Sangre X Sangre - Traicion a la patria (?)
13. Fighting 84 - Black Power
14. Fighting 84 - Class Rage
15. Fighting 84 - Love Handles
16. Major dissapointment - Tax Is Control
17. Major dissapointment - Working Poor

Released as a free online compilation by A Dying Breed Records in 2011.

Cheers to Brandon from Fighting 84 and A Dying Breed Records for sending me this compilation and also thanks for compiling it and distributing it for free.

The record consist of current and active Oi! and RAC bands from both North and South America. All of them are sharing their songs without any money comming back to them from the comp. You see this is the way you have to go when you are a struggling band in an underground scene. No matter what ideas some freshcrops in their 40's might have given you the last year it's not as easy as simply saying you are a skinhead then later getting a phonecall from Oi! the boat Records telling you they will release 3 ep's in a year with a thousand pressings each. No you actually have to do demo after demo and juggle the role as your own manager and being a punk rockstar with your everyday 9to5. Some actually have to struggle for their piece of the cake.

The band called Major dissapointment got thrown in last on the comp but should have been put first if you ask me. They popped up from nowhere last year and released their superb Squiggy sounding CD. I will try to make an interview with the band in the future to find out who they really are.
Combate 49 has dropped their Spanish songs and are yet again focusing on making music everyone can understand. The song Flagburner is freakishly simulair to First strike's sound both in lyrical content and delivery and that is always positive in my book.
Armada Oi is a new acquaintance to me. Great sounding and unpollished Oi! from Peru.

Have no idea what the band called Sangre X Sangre is trying to do but it doesnt sound good at any point of the songs they have here. A female with questionable vocals that gets raped and sodomiced musically by some smurfsounding backupvocalist in the choruses.
Youngblood is up there with Arresting officers as a band that looses me PC points in my US recordcollection. Their Final war record is a living legend with a perfect sound but i must say i dont really understand what the hell they are trying to sound like here. Sounds soft and disgusting like a playboy teaseflick filled with 50 yearold crackwhores.

No matter what you might think about the record and the bands appearing on it it's a showcase of the modern crop of bootboys that dont really get a showcase in the modern scene. Secondly it's totally free so who can complain really.

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  1. RAC?! I find it very inconsiderate of you to post albums that Skinpride can't copy. Please keep this in mind when posting in the future. :P

  2. Good album, shame that the files are in diferent formats, I can't play the Major Dissapointment files as they are AAC audio files, anyone who knows how to convert them to MP3 ?

  3. ever try google you lazy cunt

  4. Anonymous commenter against rac: Now thats a well thought through statement from an obvious genious right there. Please stop visiting my site... please

    1st anonymous:
    Damn i missed that. Me myself i open those files with the VLC videoviewer. That program plays everything.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGF0dNkkU6w