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söndag 13 november 2011

Pistol grip - Berlin PicEP (2004)

01. For i have sinned
02. Runnin from the gun (live)
03. Broken radio (live)

Selfreleased by the band on Lotus Limited in 500 copies.

Thanks to Martin from Last punkrockers Records for sending em this one.

The A-side has one of the songs from the Tear it all down CD and the B-side features two old song from a gig they did at Wild At Heart in Berlin in January 2004.

I dont really like their 3rd album but the song For i have sinned is one of the best one's from that album. Both livesongs are good songs and greatly performed by the band in this liveversion.

Not really much to offer by a EP more than being a collectors item with a good picking of songs from a point in the bands career that i am not so found of.
The EP is available for purchase through:
Headline Records
Northeast Records

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