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fredag 21 december 2012

V/A - Cashing in on Christmas Vol.2 CD (2010)

01. The Sheckies - Holly Jolly Christmas
02. 45 adapters - This Xmas
03. CH3 - Blue Christmas
04. Revilers - Winterland
05. Dog company - Merry Christmas, Better New Year
06. Doomed to Obscurity - Yuletide Girl
07. Jukebox Zero - Christmas in the City
08. Hateful - Merry Christmas Everybody (UK)
09. Mean Streets - I Ruined Christmas
10. Fed Up! - The Christmas Song
11. The missile toads - Santa's a Boozer
12. Knocked out cold - Let It Snow
13. Antibodies - White Christmas
14. Nothing But Enemies SCFF - Foul Mouthed Elf
15. Violent society - Merry Christmas I Fucked Your Snowman
16. Pressure 28 - Santa, That's My Wife (UK)
17. Secret army - Fired in Christmas
18. Cunt sparrer - Oi! To the World

Released by Black Hole Records in 2010.

I got this little CD and a drink-coaster sent to me as a gift by Interpunk last year and as much as i hated the original comp that came out in 1998 i sort of (sort of) enjoyed this one. Since then a Volume 3 and 4 has been released once each year so as long as recordlabels keep sending me free shit i might just make this a tradition each year (cause god knows i wouldnt spend cash on these records).

With Christmas punksong covers comes a whole lot of humor that no sane person can enjoy in a sober state. As much as tracks like "Merry Christmas I Fucked Your Snowman" might discourage more mature and well educated persons like myself who isnt living in a trailer the record was suprisingly well balanced and actually has some decent songs on it.

All is not Oi! though and there are some bands that i have never heard about before that sadly enough dont perform well enough to sway me over to they camp. Only band that has been featured here before is 45 Adapters with a really good song in the style of other songs they do. Bands that will be featured in the future like Revilers and Fed Up! all deliver exclusive songs though some do it better than the other in this perticular comp.

Bands that might not be counted as Oi! such as Violent Society and Dog Company are bands that i often enjoy but this time around they do nothing but giving me a headache and i blame the theme of the songs for this.

Most enjoyable thing on the record is Black Hole giving the chicks in Cunt Sparrer a shot at recognition after the last years "hipster-bashing" targeted at them. I like them and get nothing but pissed when reading some selfproclaimed skinheadmasters calling them faggots and whatnot just because they dont cater to the scene itself. People say they are "not punk" and "hipsters" and they are probably right at both points but what they seem to miss is this is a band that doesnt call themselfs anything. Two hot chicks and some bearded man making low-fi piano and acoustic guitar covers of famous Oi!-songs, whats so wrong with that? Me for one will continue to support them not only to be one of the few who gives out an opening embrace to "outsiders" but also because i can see through peoples addiction to fashion when on one hand slagging this band of but at the same time celebrating artists like Jenny Woo. If you ask me these girls do whatever it is they are doing ten times better than Jenny. As a dirty nail in Oi! purists eyes i will also ad one of their songs as a wrap-up. Excellent cover, hipsters or not.

Cunt Sparrer - Because you're young

4 kommentarer:

  1. I still don't understand how you can hate "Merry Christmas, I fucked your snowman," originally done by Showcase Showdown. It's a funny as hell song.

    Oh well merry christmas anyways.


    Brian Guy

    1. We all have different taste, but mine is a just a little bit better than yours Brian

  2. You're such a pal. Have a great christmas.

    Brain Guy

  3. Cunt Sparrer just played here with some other cover bands (Grrrilla Biscuits and Black Fag)and it wasn't bad at all. Who cares what people have to say, they're playing good songs!