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torsdag 13 december 2012

FBS (Fight Before Surrender)/Why?

Since day one this site has tried to stear clear from promoting political or religious agendas and i have made it clear that posting a band who promotes a certain view does not in any way mean that the poster believs that same thing or that he wants you to believe it. As grown fucking men we can all sort out facts inside our skulls and weed out the things we dont like but at the same time enjoy the music. With this said......

For me a person who hates three things above all (1) people who pose with weapons on bandphotos, (2) Rancid bands and the ugly smiling kids that listen to them, (3) religion it might seem wierd that i somehow got into a Christian band who pose with baseball bats and claim Rancid is one of their inspirations. But i did and as i used my heathen viking ears to fend of most of the preachy parts i was able to take in not only a whole bunch of seriously good (and hard) songs but also some quite heavy Oi!-tunes on the way. The band might not really have a place on a site dedicated to Oi! but since this isnt a democracy i can simply tell you all to deal with it and enjoy my comming uploads.

4 kommentarer:

  1. What about the Jesus Skins? I've really never been able to decide if they're supposed to be a joke band or not, though...

    interview (in German):

    Also, did you ever hear about there being some extremely violent fundamentalist Christian skinhead crews/gangs in the US? I'm sure that I remember reading something about them on the web once. A bit like if those 'angry, young and shirtless' straightedge guys who beat people up for smoking and drinking at gigs found religion, I guess...


    1. From what i understand Jesus Skins where the real deal. That split with Jewdriver was probably because no other band wanted to go near them.

    2. I don't speak German, but I swear down, I nearly lost it when they said 'Skin Heads Against Religious Prejudice' in that vid.

      Then I thought that this probably isn't such a bad idea, really. What with all the Muslim and Jew bashing around. Yaknow the guys who complain angrily about 'terrorists' and 'Zionists' but occasionally let the mask slip and say things like 'the Muslims' or 'the Jews' instead, making it clear where they *really* stand...

      I'm an atheist myself, but I don't have a problem with religious skinheads (or punks, or anybody - there are quite a few Hare Krishna punks for some reason) - provided that they're not the sort of asshole that starts sentences with 'God told me to...' and likes violence against innocent people who happen to think differently to them. I don't think that any of this was the case with the Jesus Skins though.


  2. I feel about religion about the same as you do, Okay I did the Hanukkah post, but honestly I have to admit that I really don't believe in a God.

    Now that I have my disclaimer out of the way, I'd like to say I tried to listen to this band without being judgmental.

    Musically I think this is a great band and write some pretty great songs. I just felt like there was a string of paranoia in the music that I couldn't get over.

    Living here in the states the idea that there is a war on Christianity is laughable to me and makes me wonder what the hell these people are thinking, but it's a free country and that's their right.

    I give this band a lot of props for being up front with their religious views, I respect that. What I really hate are bands that use veiled lyrics and it's not until you start reading the liner notes and it's all about Jesus this and Jesus that. I have to admit that that pisses me off.

    I tip my hat to this band for not doing that. That being said I have to say if I was asked if I would listen to this again, and I'd have to say probably a few of the songs, but not the whole album or ep.

    As for the Jesus Skins, I always thought of them as a joke band just like Jewdriver, am I wrong?

    Thanks again for posting this Bernando.


    Brian Guy