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fredag 28 december 2012

2012 a year in review.

¤Best American release of 2012
Yellow stitches - Good times, violent crimes CD
Since i also dubbed them the best new band in 2010 some people might think i have fallen in love with the boys. Well i guess i have, in a manly and heterosexual way that is. Their latest album is nothing but fantastic and in no way a title i give them because the competition was weak (like last year).
We've gotten tons of great releases ranging from the true comeback of Broken Heroes to the superb compilation albums by bands such as Noi!se and 45 adapters. Out of the rumble this album stand supreme so wear this title with honor and pride Yellow Stitches.

¤Best international release of 2012
Bakers dozen - Nightmares in red, white and ablue CD
Still as pissed of as ever. Never back down is the best British Oi!-anthem i have heard since Condemned 84's Gang warfare and that says a whole lot.

¤Worst release of 2012
Klaxon - 100 Celle City Rockers LP
Seems some bands grow up and lose all connection to reality. How could you go from such a great punkact to this jungledrum salsa bullshit? Who still listens to this joke of a band?

¤Most disappointing album of 2012
Evil conduct - Working class anthems CD
As much as i love their old albums it just feels as if ive heard it all before. Might be time for them to evolve the sound because the last year it sounds as tired as the singer looks.

¤Best old album release that i somehow missed until 2012
Ol'cunts - Rock'N'Roll Bastards LP (2007)
Holy fucks and all allowed this album fucking rocks. As if the original '77 Skrewdriver bought a piano and moved to France. No sane person should go through their life without hearing this band.
And therefor i have uploaded it over at Fuck Yeah!!!

¤Best new act(s) of 2012.
In 2011 we meet a surprisingly dry kindergarten of Oi! with oldtimers returning to the scene but 2012 is the complete opposite. Seems  new bands are croppin up all over the states from way down to the cold north. Best acts in my oppinon are the two "wolfbands" from NY The wolverines and Lonewolf NYC. Hope to see a proper release from both bands in 2013.

¤Top 3 US happenings in 2012 (scenerelated)
(1) Wade Page who played in RAC bands Definite Hate and End Apathy went on a complete rampage and started shooting holy men and police officers in a Sikh temple, later turning the gun on himself. Why Sikh, the most peacefull of all "non-western" cultures? Murderer and all atleast he did what he preached which brings us to...
(2) Harley Flanagan old frontman of Cro-Mags stabs old bandmember and bites another one in the groin after an incident at Webster Hall, NY. No matter what the rumours afterwards say and the fact that no one died i am basicly just happy that someone among all these toughguy HC-bands walks the walk instead of writing songs about it. Since when did HC start crying like a bitch after a little bit of knifestabbing, toughen up boys and stop posing for gangpictures.
(3) Blood for Blood's singer Erick "Buddha" Medina was kicked out of the band after being arrested for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl. The allegations against him is rape of minor but he came out and defended himself by saying "i only kissed her". Either way you are lowlife scum and a predator cunt and need to be taken of the streets for the good of mankind.

¤This years positive trend
Bands and labels putting a digital online-code in their EP's and LP's. More of this.

¤This years negative trend
Bloggers and bands adding a paypal button on the blogg/twitter or inviting advertisements on their youtube channels or sites. Punk is in no way supposed to substitute a dayjob and the day it does it's a bloody disgrace. With all the shit going on in the world these folks are the last fuckers that need your money. Pay money to save the fucking wales, take a retard to Pizza Hut or hugg a tree but dont help some spoiled boy/girl with a computer pay their rent through punk. The only exception to this is if the artists in question give away their albums for free then a paypal transfer is nothing but courtesy if you enjoy their free stuff, but to top the money you give them by buying albums and going to their shows by simply paying for their existence...

¤This year’s addition to my shitlist:
Related to this years negative trend i add the band that makes songs against socialism but at the same time beggs their "fans" for money online so they can cash out their instruments from the pawndshop (spelling). Charity is charity no matter where it comes from and if the world truly follows "survival of the fittest" you guys would be the first to go.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Actually, Klaxon are from Rome, Italy, not France :)

    1. That i knew but confuce myself as usual

  2. Agree with you on the Yellow Stitches - this band has so got everything right. They sound to me like one of those so-Cal skatepunk bands, but done well and without the whiny sense of entitlement and constant angst about girls (that's supposed to be a compliment). These guys sound like they're, yaknow, having fun and enjoying being punks and skinheads.

    Best international - I'd go for Discharger's 'Desecrated Ground'. I used to think that this band was absolute fucking shite, but over the years they've grown on me (somehow), to the point that this album has rarely left my 5CD changer. Are they really oi! these days? Or heavy metal played by skinheads? Anyway - I like it.

    Most disappointing release - the new Iron Cross EP. I think I mentioned that before. Only one 'new' song, two covers and two re-dos. I paid way too much for this too.

    I like the new Evil Conduct album. In fact I'm currently wearing a t-shirt with this album's cover on the front. I'd only managed to accumulate their first two albums before this, so I was actually surprised that the really old guy (damn, forget his name) was actually doing guitar solos now... :)

    Best old album - Roots & Boots, 'Working Class Heroes'. These guys are one of the best oi! bands in Malaysia, or anywhere else for that matter. I don't say that lightly - these guys are freaking awesome, would have been remembered as oi! gods if they were a UK/US band on a popular label - and everyone should check them out.

    Positive trend - download codes for vinyl, agreed 100%. I hate ripping vinyl so I can listen to things that I own on my computer. I usually get the volume levels wrong, so it sounds too quiet - but then I can never be bothered to re-do it.

    Negative trend - full-on boneheads in the oi! scene. Not in the 'someone on the internet who I don't know told me that these guys...' or 'one of their members used to be in a dodgy band 20 years ago' sense, but actual current neo-Nazis/white supremacists/general racist pricks who pretend not to be despite 'walking like a duck and quacking like a duck' (if you have that saying in Sweden), hiding behind the concepts of 'patriotism', 'non PC' and 'not liking communism and terrorists' (sometimes this is just utter bullshit and lies) and abusing/twisting their own nations' histories and mythologies to support their fascist ideologies. It gets to the point where you've seen so much that to continue to give people the benefit of the doubt because their music sounds good (that's a fucking stupid reason to blindly defend someone anyway!) would just be majorly lying to oneself. Not naming any names - and there's no reason that anyone should read shit from some unknown guy on the internet and take as true anyway. Rant over.

    Also - 75% of YouTube comments on oi! videos. Either it's clever trolls, or the utter dregs of humanity all have Youtube accounts.

    Shitlist - see above. There are some bands whose music I've completely removed from my collection now, after seeing some stuff with my own eyes that caused me to become angry that I'd ever considered myself a fan, worn their t-shirts or badges, bigged them up to people and defended them in the face of 'hey - are these guys nazis?' talk. Came very close to putting some CDs in a plastic bag and throwing them in the sea, to be honest.

    Anyway, Happy New Year... :)


    1. Hm i can respect that. Me? Don't really care if what politics people have as long as they dont go out killing people. What bands do you mean?

    2. I'd rather not name any names. They'd just be anonymous accusations and I don't think that most of this stuff is still there to be seen anyway...

      Just some people saying one thing about their views on fascism and racism and claiming that people are picking on them for no good reason, but then demonstrating that they hold very different views in private when they think that no-one can see them. The times when you realize that the 'internet nazi hunters' were 100% correct in what they were saying.


    3. If what you really say is true then i still dont see a problem with it. Scene is diverse and if they "hide" their views behind patriotism i cant see why anyone would have problems with it. Their views are their own and they dont mix it into the music. For all we know Ricky Marteen might be a fascist but since he doesnt make songs about it i dont think we should care.

  3. What can I say? I don't support anyone that will pass judgement upon entire groups of people based upon their race or ethnicity. Or blames such groups for the problems in the world. Or wishes to take away the freedoms of such simply for existing. In a free society, everyone is free to believe whatever they wish unless that freedom encroaches on the freedom of others - but if I knew that someone held such views, I would not involve myself with them.

    Yeah, if I found out that Señor Ricky supported a political party that, as their main policy, wanted to put all non Puerto Ricans (and their Puerto Rico-born kids and grandkids, etc.) on ships and force them to go back to where they allegedly came from, then I don't think that I'd be looking at 'Livin La Vida Loca' in the same way ever again...


  4. "I don't support anyone that will pass judgement upon entire groups of people based upon their race or ethnicity. Or blames such groups for the problems in the world."

    Exact my views but i add the "based upon their beliefs" into the mix plus i don't have to distance myself from anyone who either hates nazis, fags or blacks. Thats their views and as long as they dont have an issue with my black nazi fag friend then i dont have any issue with them.
    Call me a bleeding liberal/libertarian/retard or whatever but i believe that in a true and working democracy the people don't have to be protected from the few (and i mean the few since less than one percent belong to the group you just described). I Jew-haters ever become the majority well thats called democracy and freedom and it's one of the basics in American history.

    No more politics now Phil, have you heard the news about the comming Templars/Agent Bulldog split?