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tisdag 29 maj 2012

A whole bunch of re-ups and a little rant.

45 adapters - Early demo and practice songs
Fatskins & The oppressed - Split 7'' (1998)
Fatskins - Thinkin' like a fatskin CD (1999)

Fatskins & Last laugh - Welcome to Arizona CD (2004)
Bottom of the barrel - A couple of songs
Bottom of the barrel & Templars - Oink! skinzine 7'' (1997)
Templars - Beauséant 7'' (1994)

Brickwall united - Demo (1994)
Brickwall united & Mission to murder - Split 7'' (1995) ...more than wearing Fred and getting neck tattooes.... made me think about a certain crossdresser wearing makeup who re-entered the US scene a year ago claiming the name boss-skin because he happened to play in a band in the early 90's. Not naming any names (since being an internet warrior is something i try to stay clear from) but if you feel hurt then take this song to heart and go back to making ambedient gothsongs.

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  1. Please re-up Hammer & The Nails demo...link won't work...Thanks your blog rules!