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fredag 11 maj 2012

Degeneration - Oi! for the kids 7'' (1997)

One of the most overlooked and forgotten American Oi! bands that never really got the respect they deserved if you ask me.

The band was formed in Minneapolis around 1994 by members from Oi! band The Guttersnipes and such punkbands as Crankcase and Rigid Digits.
The lineup Chris on vocals, Phil the Ox on bass, Eric on guitar and Jason on drums released their first EP called Blind. Shortly after their drummer Jason was kicked from the band due to drugabuse and was released by Glenn who helped the band record their second EP Oi! for the kids (this one).
Glen and Phil left the band but was replaced by two members from the band Palookas and as a result of this new lineup the fantastic Carry the torch CD was released in 1999. After this some members left, others turned to drugs and for a period the band relocated to Chicago.
In 2006 Chris moved back to Minneapolis, reformed the band and even recorded a second CD that never saw the light of day.

Thanks to the fact that most of their stuff was pressed in very small numbers and that they didnt belong to a scenist elitegroup nobody seems to remember or even care about them today. A bloody shame.

01. Oi! for the kids
02. Degenerate army

Released by C-City Records in 1997.

A record i am glad i was able to find since the rest of their EP's are impossible to find. I dont mean impossible to find as in a guy sells it for 20$ on ebay, i mean impossible as in there isnt even any record of the EP's existing in the first place. I have looked high and low and still miss 4 of their EP's (check my wantedlist at the bottom of the page).

Both tracks featured on the EP got re-recorded for their CD in '99 and have way better soundquality but i am still glad i got this EP. Since Carry the torch is one of the most wellplayed records in my household it was fun to hear the changeup in lyrics that they did when they re-recorded. For instance this version of Degenerate army doesnt have the messed up "Make those commies start to run/Women have the right to be safe/Its time to track the rapists down" lyrics (i never understood what the hell they where talking about there).

Bad soundquality and not even half as good as their full-length but because of its rarity it still stands tall and proud in my recordcrate today.
Been sold out for ages now.

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  1. http://www.gemm.com/item/DEGENERATION/BLIND%2520%252F%2520STUCK%2520IN%2520A%2520RUT/GML1414069264/

    found more at a college in NY.

    They have a ton of good shit, but could be strict on copyright laws. The have the Original Disorderly Conduct demo tape as well.