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tisdag 15 maj 2012

Degeneration - Carry the torch CD (1999)

01. Rebel rock'n'roll
02. Boots & braces
03. First Minnesota
04. Young life
05. Lefty land
06. Carry the torch
07. Degenerate army
08. Police state one
09. Profiteers
10. Blind
11. Our American dream
12. Police state II
13. Oi! for the kids

Released by Rhytm Vicar in 1999.

Most people outside of Sweden dont have a clue what Åhlens is (its a chain of commercial stores that mostly sell bedsheets and candles) but for the Swedes reading someone might have stumbled upon this record there to. In the small section of music they carry punk is seriously absent and to find a record containing the lyrics this one has in their CD-stand some years back came as a surprise to me. I dont have a clue how it found its way into their purchaselist (some skin might have worked in their department and added it as a joke i have no clue).

This is in my oppinion one of the most complete CD's from the late 90's US scene and also one of the most overlooked. The bands sound reminds me about Bovver wonderland (especially the song Young life) but also has a bit of a Disorderly conduct sound going on. Even though most of their lyrics are based around their hate towards leftists and ARA-fascists they also squeeze in a whole bunch of working class pride, patriotism and scene-oriented lyrics.

My own personal favourites is the rhytmic Carry the torch and the pump your fist Oi!nthem called Profiteers that has lyrics like "We dont wanna hear your political views or how you'll make a change/Dont talk to me about the ARA just fuck off and go away". Overall the lyrics are excellent and i scanned the inserts so you can read them, you can also take time to read one of the most ridiculous lyrics (from a non-RAC band) i have ever stumbled on in my years (check out the second verse on Degenerate army).
There might not be that many songs on the CD that will blow you away but the record holds a high quality all way through and i can easily say there isnt a bad song on the entire record.
The record can still be bought at:
Encore Records
And tons of comercial stores like Amazon and Tower.

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