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söndag 16 oktober 2011

Live & Loud 2012

The lineup for the next Live & Loud is has been released and has some intresting names on it.
Biggest news and names are Close shave (England) and one of my personal favourites On file (Scotland).
Also the Yanks from Brassic will be grazing this festival and is the second U.S band to ever play the show (i think). The other one was Anti-heros way back.
Other bands are The firm (Netherlands) and The wrongdoers (Finland).

2 kommentarer:

  1. What no godfather of OI Lars Fredriksen! Are you sure it's an OI fest? What will they do with out him LOL.
    Seriously, it sounds like a pretty good show Close Shave and the Anti-Heros are two of my favourite bands.


  2. I know, i was as sorry as you are when hearing that there wont be no OFC attending.
    Close shave reunion and On file+Brassic might actually be enough to drive my lazy ass to Brugge.
    Anti-heros are not playing though. WHat i was meant to say in my messed up English is that Brassic is the second American band to ever play the show. The only other band was Anti-heros.