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måndag 3 oktober 2011

V/A - Oi! it's a world invasion Vol.2 CD (1995)

01. Dambusters - Makoto no hikari yo (Japan)
02. Templars - I believe in myself
03. The harries - Love sucks (Netherlands)
04. 365 - Pamela (Brazil)
05. The mighty mr. men - G-man (England)
06. 90 proof - Gettin' pissed
07. The möped lads - Back on the piss again (Switzerland)
08. Dambusters - Chikara arakugiri (Japan)
09. Templars - World war three
10. The harries - Everything you know is wrong (Netherlands)
11. 365 - Violencia (Brazil)
12. 90 proof - Old breed
13. The möped lads - Mommies best (Switzerland)
14. Dambusters - Otokatachi yo hata o kakagero (Japan)
15. Templars - Vengeance is mine
16. The mighty mr. men - Liquid gold! (England)
17. The möped lads - I dont wanna (Switzerland)

Released by Step-1 Music in 1995.

Just like the first volume it's a bit uneven with some great bands and some not so great.

Update: The Mighty mr men is actually Gundog before they changed name.

Best of the bunch are 90 Proof, (their Old breed on the comp is one of the greatest songs from the 90's) Templars and the British oi!sters in The mighty mr. men. I had never heard about The mighty mr. men the first time i listened to this CD and to be honest i havnt heard of them since. With a bandname like that they dont pass you by that easily but i cant find any info of the band anywhere so i dont know if they have released anything on their own.
Anyway they play a sort of chaotic Oi! with fast drums and heavy singalong friendly choruses. Dont really know what references i chould use here but think of Combat 84 mixed with Exploited and a little pinch of The infiltrators sprinkled on top. When i first heard the bandname and saw bandsphotos (where one was dressed in a skirt) i didnt think i would like it but even i can be wrong appearently.

Most other bands songs are easily forgotten even if Dambusters and The harries get through the comp with their honor intact both The möped lads and 365 fail misserable to bring anything of value to the record.

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