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tisdag 4 oktober 2011

V/A - Oi! it's a world invasion Vol.3 CD (1997)

01. Fatskins - Hooligan
02. Oi! the arrase - Skinhead (Spain)
03. Maniacs - Unite (England)
04. Guttersnipe - Skinhead (Sweden)
05. Alta tension - Rompe las barreras (Italy)
06. Analogs - Popatrz na ocienciaki (Poland)
07. Rezystencja - Rezystencja (Poland)
08. Real horror show - Durango '95 (Poland)
09. Martin Walter - Asi mit niveau (?Poland?)
10. Smile - Ana baka ha koya wo mezasu (Japan)
11. Fatskins - Old glory
12. Maniacs - Tendenzies (England)
13. Oi! the arrase - Me largo (Spain)
14. Guttersnipe - Nothing to fear (Sweden)
15. Analogs - Dzieciaki atukajace policje (Poland)
16. Fatskins - That's my life
17. Rezystencja - My jesteœmy skinheads (Poland)
18. Smile - Sayonara (Japan)
19. Real Horror Show - 1977 (Poland)
20. Maniacs - We don't wanna stay
21. Analogs - Nasze ciaka (Poland)
22. Rezystencja - Wybory's 95 (Poland)
23. Martin Walter - You don't wanna know (?Poland?)
24. Real horror show - Zagtebie sosnowiec (Poland)
25. Smile - Yameta (Japan)

Released by Step-1 Music in 1997.

In 1997 the skinehadscene was in a bit of a lowpoint in most nations except England and America. Even so there where tons of superb bands lingering around the globe just waiting for Step-1 to give them a call. This third volume could have been great if Step-1 would have held their ears to the streets. Instead the ears where on holiday somewhere in Poland appearently. 50% of the bands are half-ass excuses of Polish beerpunk and the rest are from US, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Spain and England. These are all great nations of Oi! but the band featured here are far from the cream of the crop and deffinetly not a showcase of all the great music that could be heard in late 90's.

I really like Guttersnipe, Fatskins and the Polish pogopunks in Real horror show but not even these bands can save this walking billboard of garbage. What the hell where you thinking Step-1??
Well what would you have done Bernando???
Well if i could picka and choose these are the '97 bands i would have given a boost. Kampfzone (Germany), Blitzkrieg (Serbia), The whalers (Norway), Les teckels (France), The glory stompers (Canada), Crickey crew (Japan), The pride (Belgium) and the pickandchoose from the multitude of superb bands from US and UK.
Not bashing on the bands from the comp just saying that they wouldnt have been on my 1997 comp.

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