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lördag 8 oktober 2011

Last rights - No guts, no glory LP (2005)

01. Chunks
02. Out of our minds
03. So ends our night
04. Show the way
05. Wasted time
06. No guts no glory

Released by Reflex Records in 2005.

Thought i would do a bit of a Jack Kelly tribute thing on the site. The way to go about that would be to write about Negative FX but since i have never been into noizy hardcore i will simply just ignore the fact that the band ever existed and jump straight to Last rights.

The band was started in 1983 by Jack "Choke" Kelly (from Negative FX) on vocals, Tony Perez on guitar, Blair Borden on bass and James Powers on drums.
Just like NFX Last rights played a big part in the Boston hardcore and punk scene and was a part of the socalled "Boston Crew" with DYS and SS Decontrol. Just like those bands the members advocated a sober lifestyle with straight edge being the main message in most songs.

The band wasnt around for that long but got around to record these 6 songs and did 1 liveshow. Tracks 1 and 3 was released on a 7'' by Tang!! in 1984. This ep also came in a limited pressing with a photo of Adolf Hitler on it. Kelly himselfs states that it was just to piss people of and it quite quickly did just that. Jack Kelly has always been on the extinct hardcore rightwing but the fact that some still to this day claims he is a facist (probably because his other band Stars and stripes) is just ridiculous. Jack is Choke and Choke does and thinks whatever he fucking wants!

Last rights ended in late 1984 and in 1985 Jack Kelly started the infamous Slapshot.

A great release collecting the bands complete discography.
This is the kind of hardcorepunk i like. Always been a fan of Slapshot and the sounds is basicly the same.
The first and greatest track Chunks is more Oi! than hardcore and the whole record has that feeling to it with backup chants (some even made by SS Decontrols bass player) and lyrics that can be a bit preachy but enjoyable if you dont take them to serious.
Both Chunks and No guts no glory are songs that can get even the most conservative Oi!head raising his beer to this straight edge band.
Can be bought here.

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