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måndag 31 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Tear it down CD (2005)

01. Relight the fire
02. Fuck New York
03. Terrorized
04. Rap sucks
05. Tear it down
06. Spread the fear
07. Hardcore rules

Released by Thorp Records in 2005. Also released on LP with 2 aditional songs as a bonus.

The band got a bit of recognition at this time in their career and many of the new generation of the Hardcore youth choose this bands honesty towards the old days over the crossculture hiphop bullshit or the MTV metal offered by many other bands in the scene. Great music for old fucks basicly.
The band also got their own documentary this year by the name Chip on my shoulder. A great watch with lots of old stories by the bandmembers and "scene people".

I really liked the sound on this album and as short as it might be it doesnt fall into the same reinventing trap as many of their former albums did. They keep it simple and slow leaning towards punk more than hardcore and thats the sound i prefer most.

Best songs on the album are Spread the fear and Fuck New York.
The record is for purchase at most major and small distros on the net. A simple search will help you find it.

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