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tisdag 25 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Olde tyme hardcore CD (1996)

01. Coaches speech (intro)
02. Olde tyme hardcore
03. Silence
04. Pennies from heaven
05. Whats on your mind
06. In my head
07. Lip service
08. Get it away (SSD cover)
09. If you had
10. I knew I'd lose (+hidden track called Swedish whoreshow)

Released by Taang! Records in 1996. Also released by Century Media the same year but without the hidden track.

The band released the CD on Taang! Records but also struck a deal with Century Media for the European distribution. CM also convinced Slapshot to do a European tour. The whole tour was handled poorly from the start and the band was far from treated good by CM. After just three weeks on the tour Chris Lauria gave CM a big middle finger and took the first plane home sick and tired of it all. Slapshot made a silent breakup in 1997 and many believed that this was their last release. Though the band keept on playing some shows here and there it wasnt until 2003 that they actually released some new material.

This album is loved by HC-fans and it's only right then that i hate it. 2 good songs but nothing more. Just a tired sound if you ask me.

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  1. Jesus Christ you have about as much Slapshot stuff as I do GG Allin stuff. As I've said before not that much of a fan of Slapshot to SE for me, but then again they are Boston Bruins fans.


    Brian Guy