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måndag 10 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Back on the map LP (1986)

01. Back on the map
02. Addiction
03. Where there's smoke
04. It's happening today
05. Chip on my shoulder
06. Moment of truth
07. Killing frost

Released by Taang! Records in 1986 and then later released on CD with their 1988 EP as bonussongs. I never actually owned this LP or their EP but have the CD so i simply split it up and upload them seperatly to get the true discography. The CD and LP are the same recordings just a little better soundquality on the CD.

A truly great first release and a record that set the standard for comming Boston bands.

The sound is a somewhat pollished hardcore with a dark feeling created through a heavy bass and Jack's grim voice. Somewhat reminds me about Bonecrusher. More Oi! sounding than trashy and crusty.

Even though its only 7 songs long it has some of the best Slapshot songs in the anthemy and singalong friendly It's happening today, the fast and pissed of Chip on my shoulder and the classic xXx track Addiction.
The cdversion can still be bought here:
Coretex records

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