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torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Digital warfare CD (2003)

01. Digital warfare
02. The last laugh
03. Identity
04. Kill your parents
05. Spirit of 81
06. Straight edge (Minor Threat cover)
07. Had it with unity
08. Tear down the walls
09. Stupid fucking kids
10. Focus
11. Wasted time
12. Witch hunt
13. C is for cockie (cover of some old kid's song)

Released on CD by I Scream Records in 2003. Also released by on LP the same year by both Knock Out Records and Bridge Nine Records.

After some years of feuds within the band and a bullshit greatest hit's records they finally came back with this album where they returned to their original roots. A brand new old sound that has more of a punkfeeling to it than any metal or screamoHC.

During their 6 years without any new material recorded Jack Kelly had some quality hatefueling time on his hand and that can be heard in both the lyrics and the overall sound.
On the record he spills out his hate on trendy hardcore kid's (Stupid fucking kids), revolutionary kid's without any sense of reality (Had it with unity) and basicly anyone from New York or anyone who doesnt fit in to his "1% of the people i can stand" list. Damn i love it!!!

The winner of the hateprice (and the best song on the album) is the song The last laugh. He doesnt stop at spilling his hate on this song he even goes so far as to dedicate it to Hoya from the band Madball. The whole thing started when a bunch of the gangsters from Lars Frederiksen's and Skinhead Rob's hiphop crew known as DMS attacked Choke in a concert.

Jack tells the tale himself:
Intv- So you where punched by one of the guys from Madball?

Jack- My mother hit's harder than Madball.

Intv- What was the problem?

Jack- He had heard that they had heard that I was saying all kinds of stuff about them and D.M.S., which is their little crew. Most of it's true, I hate them, they're dickheads. I've known Matt and Willy for a long time. But Freddy is just a dumb little asshole, and Hoya is just a fat prick. He's just a pussy, he had 2 other guys with him when he hit me. He pulled me aside like he wanted to talk to me. The whole story got screwed around as if he asked me questions and wouldn't to him about it. He didn't even give me a chance because he had nothing to say. If he had asked me, if he wanted to sit down and talk about stuff I would have told him. I would have told him that D.M.S. is stupid and full of shit!

Jack- Here's the situation: I had guys 2 behind me and Hoya in front of me.

Jack- He said "Yo Motherfucker" and then he hit me! I said is that all, is that it?!

Jack- I turned around and walked away, I mean what was I going to do in a room that was closed. It was just me. It's just typical, that kind of gang. It's usually the weakest people that get in gangs. (So sad and so true)

Jack- They can't deal personally one on one, and they haven't got the brains to talk normal with somebody. I get used to it. I've been called fascist, I've been called gay, I've been called every word of the goddamn book in the years. I run to fascist to now when the rumor was that I was homosexual. Let everybody say what they want, because if I start talking back to it they start saying more and more. I don't give a shit what everybody says.
Some wonder why i like the straight edge facist Jack Kelly aka Choke...... well beside from all the great music he has made there you have the reason.

Record is still available from both minor and major recordstores so go google.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Bernardo

    I know you're not a Lars lover, but DMS isn't a hiphop crew belonging to Lars et el. The old DMS I knew back in the day, the old DOc Martin Skins, would've put up with that shit. The violent travesty that it turned into with (I won't mention anyone by name (cough, cough, Ezac, Hoya, Freddie Madball, etc., cough, cough) has nothing to do with Lars or any of those west coast guys. (Outside of some solidarity bullshit.)

    Let's keep our assholes segregated properly. Ok?


  2. It was mainly written with irony and is based on the fact that DMS "would put a cap in my azz" if i keept on talking shit about Lars.

  3. So let's do the math here, shall we? I was in my early 30's in 2003 and Jack Kelly has to be at least 5-6 years older than me, whereas I'm thinking that Madball guy is probably 5-6 years younger than myself, putting him at least a couple years past the age where most gangbangers get over that "you dissaspected mah azz" bullshit, let alone being in a gang. These pussies should be fucking ashamed of themselves. They're either outright retards or a serious case of arrested development.

  4. I know someone who used to be involved with DMS about ten years ago and he was a good geezer. Don't judge them all by the actions of a few.

  5. Anyone who joins up under a banner for strength is a cunt in my eyes. No matter if it's Hammer Nation, Combat 18, RASh or Sharp. These guys have artist within their ranks who have lyrics promoting rape and chemical drug abuse. Not the one who is all PC about such things otherwise but since people keep shouting kick the facists out of the scene maybe we should start booting out the ones wearing blingbling and represent subhuman values.

  6. I'd still listen to a Slapshot album or an SS Decontrol one over Madball any day. As I said though, Mojo Jojo used to represent DMS in Sweden ten years ago or so and he is one of the nicest and coolest kids I ever knew. Dunno wot has happened to the crew today.

    There is, however a culture of gangs in American street music and not just the DMS, take the FSU for an example, there's a crew I really respect.

    /Jon, the Straight Edge Hillbilly

  7. Power in numbers.... yeah real heros to look up to....


  8. As a confessing christian, I'm against all forms of violence. However, if anyone ever deserved to be beaten up and robbed, it's filthy drug dealers.

  9. ...and coming to think of it. Mass gang violence has always been part of the skinhead scene, it's not just the us hc scene or what do you make of the paki bashings and terrace wars of London 40 years ago? Richard Allen and all that. Or the british oi! generation, as for an example The Last Resort and their "Resort bootboys"-tune. "We really have a smashing time, we really have some fun, especially when the odds are ours, 25 to 1".

    Ain't saying it's right, just that it's part of a subculture I no longer belong to, thanks to our Saviour, Christ, but that's the way it is and there's fa you or I can do about it.

  10. #13 - C is For Cookie is from a public television (PBS) children's show called Sesame Street. C is for Cookie is an 'iconic' song for Cookie Monster.

    This is just another one of their humorous songs they did like the Gilligan's Island theme.