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lördag 1 oktober 2011

V/A - Oi! it's a world invasion CD (1994)

01. Templars - Subculture kids
02. Templars - Raving idiots
03. Templars - New breed (Iron cross cover)
04. Bierpatrioten - Kappen aus stahl (Germany)
05. Bierpatrioten - Ostkrenz (Germany)
06. Bierpatrioten - Arbeitslos (Germany)
07. Vanilla muffins - I'm always on the wrong side (Switzerland)
08. Vanilla muffins - Bootboy (Switzerland)
09. Vanilla muffins - Youth bomb (Switzerland)
10. Zóna A - Súèas stroja (Slovakia)
11. Zóna A - Šikovný zlodej (Slovakia)
12. Zóna A - Cesta nikam (Slovakia)
13. Patriot - A bit of aggro
14. Patriot - Some kind of hero
15. Patriot - The morning after
16. Sons of pride - City boy (Canada)
17. Sons of pride - Nation on fire (Canada)
18. Distortion - Stranger to truth (England)
19. Distortion - War hero (England)
20. Distortion - How long's your memory (England)
21. Public toys - Face in the crowd (Germany)
22. Public toys - Dreams (Germany)
23. Public toys - Oh fortuna (Germany)

Released by Step-1 Music in 1994.

Templars start the album of with some (at this time) exclusive songs that would later be released on their Dans les catacombes LP. Both Raving idiots and their Iron cross cover are superb songs.

Second on the record is Bierpatrioten, a band that i quite fancy in small portions. I always found this band to be a bit uneven sometimes delivering great music (Randale, pogo alcohol) just to turn around and make utter gutter music the next time. Their track Kappen aus stahl is worth listening to though.

Vanilla muffins never really impressed me but i gotta give it to them, the track Youth bomb is as anthemy and epic as it can get.

Zóna A? Some of the worst crap i ever heard.

Patriot deliver as always and on this comp they even deliver an exclusive song, namely Some kind of hero. A great track just like the rest of them in that slow patriot fashion.

The best band on the comp is the Canadians in Sons of pride. Cant believe this band only got to release a 7-inch EP. Nation on fire is the best song on the entire CD.

As we all know more is not equal to better in most occasions and this CD is no exception. Both Distortions and Public toys songs are utter garbage and drag the overall grade of the comp down with them.

All in all its a good record though a bit uneven at times. A great showcase why i turned my focus to US and Canadian Oi!.

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