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tisdag 4 oktober 2011

V/A - Dare to defy 7'' (1998)

01. Chenin blanc - Anais (France
02. Billy boy e la sua banda - Free beer for the skins (Italy)
03. Dead empty - Thru my eyes (USA)
04. Criminals in feast - Desperate (France)

Released by Durango 95 Records in 1998.

(Update 7th Oct 2011: Chenin blanc are actually French and has released 2 EP's)

A record sent to me by Punks, skins & Herberts after recieving mails from people searching for it.

One of those rare little gems that mix it up with some unknown bands of different genres. The A-side is basicly the Oi!-side with Belgium band Chenin blanc and the Italian band with the extremly annoying bandname. Chenin blanc is a great band that never got around to releasing any real record as far as i know. They play typical Belgium rough-sounding Oi! in the same vein as their fellow countrymen in Les Vilains. Top song!

The B-side starts of with the American band Dead empty. They play a radiofriendly punkrock but not in the candycoated sort of way. I have some issues with their whole "lucky-13" imagery but appretiate their music. I will get to this band on the site in the future but still searching for their Going down 7'' from 1999 to make my collection complete (so if you got it and dont know what to do with it i will be more than glad to take it of your hands).

Last band is Criminals in feast a French hardcore band with "skinhead members" and Oi! influences. A very fast US Oi!-core sound that does the trick.
Can still be bought at this shady store.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hello,
    Chenin Blanc was a french band (the chenin blanc is a variety of white wine from western France.) They released at least two EP : "Hooligan Life" in 1998 and "Anjou Skins" in 2002.

  2. Yeah! Chenin Blanc is French apart from the two EP's, they also covered Bunker 84's "Nacht & Nebel" on the "Tribute To Bunker 84" compilation LP/CD, anyway thanks for the upload

  3. Updated the post.
    Thanks for the info.