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måndag 24 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Unconsciousness CD (1994)

01. The day my thoughts turned to murder
02. Unconsciousness
03. Broken
04. Gasoline
05. Bulletproof
06. My mothers son
07. Victimised
08. Pushing in on me
09. Back to my friends (Negazione cover)
10. Insomnia
11. Blameless
12. You have the right to remain violent

Released by We bite Records in 1994.

Right before this album Darryl left the band and was replaced with Mike Bowser.
During the recording of the album the bands old member and friend Jordan Wood commited suicide. This event brought the old band together but they didnt get along outside of the funeral. According to Chris he tried to convince Jack to take back Mark McKay into the band but Jack refused for some reason.

This album is probably Slapshots most musically advanced album and (dodging under table from incomming bottles aimed at my head) my favourite album by the band.
The band got Steve Albini to produce the album (he was behind some productions for titans like Nirvana) and it's easy to hear his influence on songs like Insomnia.

The sound is still the destinct Slapshot-sound but with a bit tweaking to break it out of the (to be honest) quite generic mould that most of their songs often follow.

Best songs are Bulletproof, Victimised and the incredible You have the right to remain violent.
Record can still be bought at Musicstack, Cduniverse and other major stores.

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