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tisdag 9 april 2013

V/A - Every Perfect Gift CD (2011) - Tribute To Templars

01. Intro
02. The Crusaders - The Templars (Germany)
03. Pogon BGD - War On The Streets (Serbia)
04. The Daltonz - Don't Do Anything At All (France)
05. Uchitel Truda - Victims (Russia)
06. Antipati - Another One (Sweden)
07. Vindicate This! - They Don't Care (Sweden)
08. Total Annihilation - The Glory It Once Was
09. 45 Adapters - New York
10. The Cliches - NYPD (Sweden)
11. Bombardiers - You Decide (France)
12. Bulldozer - Never Fade Away (Spain)
13. Outro

A bootleg tribute with various artists that covered Templars through the years and since it's a bootleg i don't think the creators have capitalist intentions behind the product, hell i dont even think it's for sale in the first place so therefore i upload it a bit earlier than i would do a normal release.

Not much to say about this release and i think anyone with as much intrest in the various national scenes around the world as i have have atleast heard 90% of these songs before.

First thing i have to say is thank Allah for Sweden and the amount of bands this tiny little nation of 10 millions has spewed out through the years. The fact that we have as many and if not more internationally current Oi! bands as a nation like say... Russia really says something about the scene here.

My favourite active Swedish band The Cliches make a good cover but get sidelined by a band that i often don't like Antipati, mainly because they have always been a bit to much Stockholm for me (Swedens capitol) with all the "our scene is us" mentality aside they make a nice Swedish version of Another one. This song has more strengt in a nation like Sweden where alcohol-sales is run by the govenrment and dragged down with taxes that would make any full-blooded American cry like a little bitch in fear of the red beast.
Third Swedish band Vindicate This? Nothing new, always great.

As for US both those two bands can be viewed here on the side and as for the rest of the world? Get your own US of Oi! of...... if you want to promote your national bands.

8 kommentarer:

  1. alternative (?) cover

    1. And an even better cover to.

  2. 03. Pogon BGD - War On The Streets (Russia)*

    *Serbia, not Russia!

    p.s. Great blog (Fuck yeah, also!)! Cheers from Macedonia! ;)


    1. Shit, missed that one.
      Nice site, cant say i understand much but i will give it a read anyway.
      Cheers bootboy

  3. Can't say that I agree with you here, beside Antipati, Bombardiers has easily the best the best cover.

    1. Guess it's all based on what songs one likes as originals to. Never been a fan of "You decide" and even a good band like Bomardiers can't make it interesting.

  4. Papa Vindicate this!12 april 2013 00:37

    It's actually not a bootleg, just really simple and ugly made.

    1. Aha. Så den finns alltså att köpa någonstans då? Trodde som sagt att det var ett "fan-initiativ"